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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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has not been responded to. and made repeated inquiries and that would be out of the mission district station. i have a letter to submit to the commission. i will be sending one to you, you are scc:'d on that. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. next speaker. >> i have a couple of questions after last week's discussion on the jttf matter. i do understand that you currently are hoping to put it back on calendar for discussion at some undefined point. i am not clear on what that means. five weeks ago the commission committed to getting answers from the fbi reporting back on certain issues that would either refuse to or confirm or
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update information the aclu has provided about the fbi's claims it will not abide by san francisco policies or allow officers to abide by them. we assume that would take place last week and was taken off calendar. we would like to know, will that happen? we have the time frame for wewhn that might happen? president mazzucco: we do not respond to questions. >> i will take that as non response. you have decided to leave the mou in place for now as is your prerogative. you have made statements to local policy saying that all policies will be abided by. you have an mou that is directly contradiction if -- of that. yousigned agreements make it
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untenable to abide by that. you wanted the bocc -- occ to abide. officers are completely required if the occ is investigating to respond to requests for an jarret -- information. on the other hand, officers face consequences under the nondisclosure agreements on the federal side and there is no permission granted by the fbi that allows the process to go forward so we have a contradiction. i respectfully requesting since you are encouraging people to use the process, until you resolve this matter, advise the officers and the public what that means. as the fbi have been asked notwithstanding the mou, will the geffen's trances that they comply with the chief's order
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and the law in san francisco that there will not be subject to federal consequences. if not, what fate should the public have in the process if they are not going to be assured the officers working with the fbi can the interviewed and giving them information. president mazzucco: thank you. >> 18 seconds. let me leave that with the question. if you're going to make these assurances and there is this contradiction that is not fair to the officers and public, i do not -- i hope you do not think it is not reasonable to ask how this will be handled given that direct contradiction. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. neck speaker. >>-- next speaker. >> i was here march 16, 2011. if you believe in coincidences, my complaint is regarding my case, an assault case against my parents dated march 10, 2010.
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i want to make a statement that i am not perfect and i have been arrested twice since that time, not because i did anything wrong, it is because my parents call the police on me. the cat -- complaint -- i am really tired of a cover-ups of the pricing. i was a person who was followed all around sunset. i ran up the stairs to the precinct two years ago. at 3:30 a.m. and there was no one in that precinct. it is a bold faced lie. chief 00 h-- the chief says he has an open door policy.
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we have kept in contact. the only to people i've received any help from was george gascone. here is my complaint. two calls, never returned my call. redella tenet returned by call and said he would get back to me, he is on vacation now. rich dalton calls me today and said the statute has passed. how can they pass it when they never followed up? it was for did -- forwarded to the precinct. what you call cold case? i have evidence to show i did not make certain statements added to my statement that is found in computer records and i want something done about it because i am still being harassed.
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in any event, when i left here last march, i am not going to tell you how it is done, i heard him said i will make much a man 102 a good thing. i stated i want it that removed off the curriculum. i want that put back on. i asked you please assign an investigator to check into the evidence i have against that pricing. president mazzucco: thank you. next speaker. ok. any further public comment? seeing none, comment is closed. >> #2. reports and announcements. a review of recent activities and a status update of behavioral science recommendations from the meeting of september 14, 2011. >> the evening.
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-- good evening. i have six items that we reviewed and i propose we come back with some information for the regarding the officer involved shooting check-in proposal, that we would like to do three mandated sessions with our clinician. at this point, the final map draft has to be submitted for review and approval by the city attorney, in november. the second was -- >> do you want to take questions at the end? >> what is the draft? >> the final draft that we can include the specific language before it comes to the city attorney. >> i do not know what you mean by draft. is it a bureau order or bulletin, what is it? >> it is a proposal.
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we had included, we had changed some of the language to include the three chickens. we had talked about to before. -- two before. the officers can get full support and more of an oversight. it is not clear about the form. what is it? i know the content. i do not know what it is. president mazzucco: the proposal as discussed was that there was going to be an immediate required debriefing and a debrief within 30 days. >> i understand the content. i am wondering what form is it taking? >> it could be dv, or to get the language appropriate to put it anyplace, i usually goes to city
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attorney review. >> we do not know the form yet, we're getting the content. >> it does not have a title but we will work on that. >> ok. we ewere looking at increasing the requirement for the officers and sergeants from two hours to three hours. it would be a three hour block implemented in the new cpt cycle. that has been discussed and confirmed with the academy. and a four hour academy block was discussed. three outside vendors have been found. regarding department general order 1111, the update to include additional issues to
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mandate intervention, the car -- current policy includes alcohol abuse. it needs to be expanded to include substance abuse and other behavioral management issues. it is not that much of a change, just a few words to include for their resources. -- further resources. it is going to written directors and he has been notified it is in process. president mazzucco: that was the list we gave you. >> there is to more. -- two more. regarding a billable services, we will be doing a presentation -- available services, we will be doing a presentation. we are augmenting staffing with the critical and -- critical incident response treading. we're having ongoing training for our members so that we can
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add additional support for the department. of formal request may be made after a process of identifying it. a certain individual with a certain skill set. we're looking at a possible additional staff member with specific skills. >> could you also going to the presentation that is coming up? >> i am not sure of the specific dates. which day? it will be at 28 hour block two eight-hour block. president mazzucco: thank you. the issue is what form this document comes in. we are putting together a document for review. we will send it again for more
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review. before we go on to questions. we have a speaker. who was invited? all the officers invited? how are we going to work this? >> we are i and the process of deciding. we would like to include the sheriff's department and espouses. the officers and members of the department. and the police commission. i'm not sure who else. bart pd. we are trying to get as many jurisdictions to attend. as long as they can sit at the center. president mazzucco: it is an excellent book. i have read it and it is the most poignant on. book i have seen since i have been on the commission and since being part of this police family. >> of the chief has ordered several boxes of the book. we're trying to figure out where we will distribute them. two new recruits or family
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members. we have gone several books distributed to the police academy. president mazzucco: i want to thank you. i read the article in the police officers association newspaper and it describes about everything we read about and everything you have been talking about. it is why this condition -- commission had concerns about middle health issues and i want to give him credit for coming forward with that. he explained why he retired and what he was going through. he went through a lot in his career. he is a very hard-working police officer. for him to share that was exceptional. the commissioners had received some e-mails. he mentioned you and your hard work. thank you. commissioners? >> i will ask my question. i wanted to -- thank you for your presentation and for coming
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here and i appreciate that you are responses -- responsive to was prioritizing this issue. i wanted to ask about the survey of officers that was done and last time we asked, you were part way through. are you at a point where you have results you can share? >> we have extended the deadline because we're still getting responses. i would say we could tell yet up in two weeks. >> ok. in terms of the time to come back, my suggestion would be in one month. does that sound reasonable? one month to come back here so it is october 12 -- november 9 to come back and see where we are. my initial thought is to turn this into a department general order. that is my thought since we were prioritizing this and it would be great to have it set to what kind of services officers are provided with. i am open and flexible to other ideas. also what form this should take
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place. i am happy to hear. >> rather than create a new general order, it would turn into the existing general order. that would be an amendment. that is fine. commissioner chan: thank you. president mazzucco: thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> for the chief's report, reporting on the crime picture in san francisco, violent crime is down 6%. property crime is relatively flat. we enjoyed a reduction of violent crime of 13% and a property crime of 36% over the last few weeks due to measures put in place after we had an uptick. i no arrests have been up dramatically. we have had approximately 15 homicides in the last three
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months and we have cleared almost two-thirds of those which is an outstanding clearance rate. sending a clear message that you do a homicide in san francisco, you will not only be arrested, but you will be prosecuted. the d.a.'s office is proceeding on this. last weekend was fleet week in san francisco. there were more advanced than i can tell you. there were 9000 naval marines and coast guard personnel in the city. i got no calls, which was fantastic. they were -- it was a privilege to host them, the blue angels put on a great show on saturday, a low ceiling prevented much of a show on sunday. the italian heritage parade on sunday was as crowded as it has ever been. it went without incident. the weather cooperated. we had a pretty good weekend in
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the city. we have had another action going on in the city over the last 10 days called occupy san francisco. i met with commissioner chan, commissioner term andanan, supervisors of and kim, and lawyers guild and to members of the assembled. they in no way represent the group. everyone i have been in contact with has said. it was a productive meeting. they asked for written guidelines and a letter to be prepared. i am passing that around now. that went out as we went in last wednesday evening after eight hours of our reach, after being informed by the fire department there was a hazard in that there was a lot of wood in the
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encampment as well as public health concerns such as buckets that contained human feces and a bottle with tehran and the like. there were no sanitation and there were open flames in cooking. fearing for public safety, the officers went in after eight hours of our reach and extracted the flammable, the fuel, there was a dedication of property that later on folks went and reclaimed the next day. there was only one arrest, that was for battery on a police officer. one demonstrator punch one of the officers during the process of the trucks leaving the area. demonstrators moved into the street and laid in front of the trucks. largely, it was very peaceful. we have had an ongoing dialogue
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for this collection. there was a march today that started at 715 from the 100 block of market street. there were 12 arrests but they were prior agreement. folks either blocked wells fargo or laid down in front of cable cars. they were contacted by the officers and it was determined they wanted to be arrested and they were arrested on their terms by mutual agreement. we will continue to engage the demonstrators. obviously, it is a very national movement. i do not think -- is not lost on everybody that there is a basis for how everyone is feeling. the officers are sensitive to that and the commission is sensitive to that. there was a meeting this afternoon with mayor lee and supervisor kim, among others. it was determined the city will do what they can to provide basic sanitation on a daily
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basis to the site and we will go forward working with those assembled again. it is a bit of a tough discussions since there is no leader. it is an eclectic group with varying messages, but we're doing the best we can. if you look at what is going on around the rest of the country, we are having as much success as anyone at the time. i can take any questions you have. that would conclude the teacher poor. president mazzucco: thank you. i want to thank commissioners chan and terman. i watched the protest and your officers were perfectly professional as were the protesters. there were no issues i saw. everything was going smoothly. the officers were dressed in their normal uniform. you're right.
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it was -- the trucks were driving, ups trucks, people with suits and ties honking for the protesters. it was a very peaceful protest and thank you for your efforts in facilitating that. it was very professional and something to be proud of. i want to thank the commissioners for participating. i was not able to make that meeting. mutual agreement arrests, arrests on your terms -- on their terms. only in san francisco. i am glad it worked out, so thank you. >> thank you for that meeting. i appreciate you taking the time to meet with us at a time when you're officers are stretched thin dealing with a national movement. i think when you are talking with the protesters and the supervisors, you showed your ability to understand this issue and you have been a longtime champion of officers dealing with protesters in the most appropriate way possible so i
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appreciate that leadership. i sent out the minutes for the meeting after you issued this so your quick. i did not get a chance to check it off and i did convey to you i was concerned about last wednesday night and the police department response. there were nine truckloads of things taken away and i was concerned about the videos i have seen on line of the events that took place last night. from my understanding from the protesters, things have calmed down. and the relationship has been better and it looks like today with the voluntary arrests, it is getting better. it is great that the mayor's office, yourself, and the supervisors are thinking about this long term because if you go on the website, they have a calendar doubt. they intend to continue this movement and build it. there is an occupied oakland and san jose. it is a movement and it is important that san francisco respect that ligh.
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thank you. >> a review of recent activities and the statistical report in comparison with previous supports -- reports. >> good evening, director. how are you? >> i am fine, thank you. you have before you the occ complete statistics through september 30. you also have pending case reports for the same time; -- the same time. 65 complaints were filed and through september 30, 2011, 622 complaints were filed year to date. that is a 6% decrease from last year's complaints as of
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september 30. as of september 30, 2011, we closed 618 cases. we had 430 pending cases. we sustained 52 cases which is an 8% rate. as of september 30, we conducted 45 mediations. 7% of the cases were) we did so through mediation. at this time last year, we mediated 41 cases which was a 6% mediation rate. on november 9, i will provide you with the occ third quarter statistical report. that concludes my report for this evening. president mazzucco: any questions for the director? next item. >> item 2c, the president's
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report and commissioner's report. president mazzucco: i have nothing to report. >> i attended the asian poa dinner. lots of scalera ships were handed out. it was a good night. president mazzucco: next item. >> commissioner announcement and schedules. president mazzucco: any announcements to need to make? >> we will go dark on october 26. no meeting that night. >president mazzucco: great. >> we received a letter regarding some of the issues. i understand we have a committee set up, that was commissioner slaughter -- terman to look into
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this. i was wondering if we could talk about where you are and let us know if it is going on the calendar and if so, when? >> i can say that we have been meeting with the aclu and meeting with the asian law caucus. we have had several meetings. we are continuing to meet with them but at this point and has gone from -- we are going through a lot of what of scenarios and we're trying to work with the aclu. we will continue the dialogue with him. we have had this on our agenda more than once, including the human rights joint meeting. it is not something that will happen overnight. i think that we have answered almost every question they have had and we're moving to new scenarios. we have a bureau order which is more comprehensive than anything we have seen.
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it is a work in progress. can we put the date on it? that is up to commissioner slaughter. commissioner slaughter: we have been in contact and we will be getting together. we will make a plan about what, if any unanswered questions remain to be looked into. and have committed to one another to bring it back before the commission for discussion. we had a lengthy meeting about this last week. there deserves to be a discussion about it and we will. we need to do our work first. we will and we have committed to get it back to the commission and we will do that, too. when that is going to happen, i cannot say. it could be next week or the week after, early november. i do not know.
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we will get it back as expeditiously as we can. i would reiterate what commissioner mazzucco said. we require our officers to comply with 810. we have a commitment in writing from the fbi that says any member of the police department that is assigned to jttf can while abiding by policies and orders. there has been suggestion to the contrary. i do not think that is a fair suggestion. it does not mean it is not an important issue for us to discuss. we will as a commission. there is no commitment from the fbi that our officers are and continue to be governed by the department of general orders is not accurate.
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we will do the work as many subcommittees do and we will bring it back to the commission for discussion when we are ready. thank you. commissioner kingsley: when do we have our next khomeni meeting schedule? when and where? >> we have not picked a date. we're looking toward the end of november. it might be november 30. we have to coordinate that. commissioner kingsley: what are the thoughts on where that would be? >> either the central or southern station. commissioner kingsley: thank you. one item that i would like to put on the agenda. commissioner terman and i would like to put on the november 2 agenda. we are targeting to distribute the draft resolution that we have been working on with the city attorney and various other folks regarding


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